World Health Day

7th April – World Health Day 2016

7th April is celebrated as The World Health Day which is initiated by WHO (World Health Organization) and on this day many efforts are done worldwide in order to spread awareness among people for good health. There are many health issues that we face in our lives, but due to lack of information or knowledge, we make them more serious. Our health is the only important thing in life if we compromise it to achieve something one day it will compromise our life which is priceless.

If you look around you will find people running all the time for money, career, and jobs everything and they always seem to compromise their health. By doing this they feel so exhausted at the end of the day and as they grow old they feel sicker. Some people look like 60s at the age of 40-45. Mental health is another factor that has been compromised and our mind suffers from various condition such as depression, anxiety.

By taking this World Health Day 2016 opportunity lets share some good health tips which look so common, but still, people ignore and face big trouble in life.

1)      Love Yourself – Everybody always takes care of their car or bike because they love their vehicles so much that they can tolerate a single scratch on it. Similarly, our body is our temple and we have to love him so much as it is the only one time gift from God.

2)      Enjoy Every Moment – When you start taking stress, worrying about anything, it starts affective your health. One has to be very clear that we cannot change anything by worrying about it and it is our job to take care of health. One should live life like “Celebrate your life like a day, Celebrate your day Like a Life” if you follow this your health will be at the optimum level.

3)      Spend time on exercise – Our body and health like to be exhausted due to exercise or workout as it replenishes them and improves them. Fitness is the only thing that helps you survive from any health condition and you must spend some time every day one exercise.

4)      Notice Body Symptoms – If anything is wrong with our body, it notices us by some symptoms and it’s our job to treat it properly.

Just maintain your good health and life will be easy….