World Cancer Day

About World Cancer Day

Every country celebrates some days in order to remember something, show respect to any historical public figure, to spread awareness about any health issue. There are some causes and reason why any specific day is celebrated. Upcoming February 4th is celebrated as world cancer day in order to spread some awareness about this life taking disease. Cancer as everybody knows about it there is a risk of death of patients now medical science has invented some guaranteed solutions, but still there are some types of cancer are there cannot be treated. Let’s have some overview about this health issue and reason to celebrate 4th Feb as World Cancer Day.

4th February is celebrated as Cancer Day in order to show respect to all the agencies, scientists such as the UN, Various Health Organizations, WHO for taking special efforts to find out various methods and ideas to fight with this deadly disease. By taking the opportunity of this day celebration worldwide various new additions in treatment, medications, and treatments are spread in every country and every government takes special efforts to get this done. The reason for the celebration of this day worldwide is to save the lives of people because we all are united and every life on the planet is really important and special.

Taking back in the History

This special day is decided to celebrate internationally by UICC which is known as Union for International Cancer Control in Geneva, Switzerland during 1933 to appreciate various agencies, health organizations, research centers in their efforts to fight with this disease.


In every country on 4th Feb World Cancer Day is celebrated by the respective government with the help of NGOs, Societies, Research Centers fighting to give some solutions against cancer.

Until the last decade, there was no such acknowledgment has been gained from this day, but as new cases of cancers are started increasing various agencies and government organizations taken this day very seriously and now every year there are some new special efforts are taken.

Every year there is one theme is taken to celebrate this day, which is considered according to cancer causes the largest number of deaths and according to that type of cancer, the theme is designed. The perspective behind this is to spread more information on any specific thing so that it can cause less damage and many lives will be saved.