Alcohol Pump

Alcohol Pump Up Your Weight

Alcohol is the thing which has got mixed review some people like it a lot while some people hate to the core. Since ancient time human being seems to be fond of consuming alcohol. When you consume alcohol it makes a big difference to a calorie intake of your body and that makes relation to weight gain. It is suggested that one can drink alcohol at moderate rates and it is advised that one should not consume alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol always many problems that include liver issues, weight gain, high cholesterol.

We always see people who used to drink alcohol regularly and very frequently always struggling with weight gain issues. There are many factors that lead to weight gain, and the quantity the people used to drink. Along with that, it also matters what kind of alcoholic drink is consumed by people. But it has seen that people who are frequent drinkers always used to gain decent weight irrespective of their gender.

The reason that pumps up weight upon consuming alcohol regularly

First of all, alcohol is not the thing that one should consume it daily, but many people find it relaxing and they feel they get relaxed from the stress or problem they are suffering. Alcohol causes a false feeling of happiness and people feel that their problem or reason for stress is gone and they feel fine.

Alcoholic drinks contain a moderate amount of calories when anyone consumes an alcoholic drink he average consume more 400 calories in addition to food which is eaten. If anyone is drinking on a regular basis, it surely adds 2000 extra calories every week which means one consume 1-day calorie intake in addition.

Along with drinks, everyone loves to have some spicy or tasty which we call it as starters. In most of the cases, people used to eat junk food along with alcohol or something which is full of fat. It creates a natural craves for such kind of food while anyone consumes alcohol which naturally helps to gain weight.


One should start drinking moderately instead of the day that will reduce the total calorie count.

It is required to burn the consumed calories and if you cannot control the drinks then you must exercise daily.

Instead of eating high fat or junk food one should start taking salads which hydrate the body also saves you from consuming more calories.