Asthma Treatment

Asthma Treatment – Natural Source

Asthma is the medical condition that totally shakes patient’s health as it makes very difficult for a patient to breath easily. When anyone finds it difficult to breathe, he gets panic and that result in further complications. Sometimes asthma could be allergic (when a patient comes in contact with specific allergy substance or a food item which is allergic, it starts getting a difficult breath), sometimes it is nothing but an ancestral gift that every next entity in the generation needs to follow. Though one cannot resolve this issue permanently, there some medications that help the patient to get relief from it.

Most of the asthma treatment cannot be utilized with much frequency as they cause some sort of reaction. There are some natural food items and herbal solution that one can easily try off at the home. Most of the herbal solution is easily available around.

1)      Honey – it can be called as a multipurpose herbal solution that also treats breathing difficulties. Hone contains alcohol ethereal which helps to clear out the breathing channel, thus one finds it easy to breathe.

2)      Black Tea or Coffee – Hot coffee or hot black tea helps to clean the airway that helps the patient to breathe easily. Some ingredients in these drinks help to minimize the effect of the attack.

3)      Lime or Lemon – You can it with any name but it gives you plenty of benefits of consuming it. Consuming lemon loads our body full of antioxidants which helps you to breathe easily.

4)      Garlic Clove Milk – This combination always works and it is already damn popular in Asian countries where the herb is the primary base of a medication. You can start drinking milk boiled along with garlic and clove to give you maximum relief from asthma. Many patients appreciate this combination as it adds nutrition from the milk and easy breathing solution.

One can try various other herbal solutions such as ginger, Eucalyptus oil, green tea to get relief from asthma. Along with with that, one should start performing Yoga because various asanas from Yoga such as Pranayama helps to improve lungs.

One should avoid contact with pollution where there is too much dust or vehicle smoke. Cigarette smoking is also one of the most important factors that one should immediately quit surviving from asthma. There is much harm that smoking causes to our body and asthma are one of the primary issues.