Contraceptive Pills

Choosing Contraceptive Pills

Every man and woman always have an attraction of about sex once they get married or get into a relationship. Every time they come close in romantic time they have a high time with their attractive and it is a quite natural process. Some want to take their relationship to the next level by having a baby, which is actually a great thing to do and feel about. But due to career, some other personal issues, person dream some couple do not want to get this happen and they have some problem with having a baby. They use some birth control options such as condoms while some perform unprotected sex and then they rely on contraceptive birth control. There are many types of contraceptive available and one has to understand what are they exactly.

Continuous Contraceptives

This is one of the specialties of its kind as it helps you to get your menstrual period on for 4 times in 12 months. Such types of contraceptive pills contain 84 pills and more seven pills which are inactive ones. There are some variations are also available in continuous contraceptive pills which can be explained by your doctor so that you do not make any mistake.

Conventional Contraceptives

As medical science is going ahead there are many variations are coming in medications and such preventive solutions. Conventional contraceptives are the most commonly used by women to be safe from unwanted pregnancy. Conventional contraceptives contain 28 pills out of the 7 are inactive, thus a woman can expect menstrual bleeding just once in a month. The doctor suggests using protection during the first month of conventional contraceptive usage.

Using Both

When the risk is about pregnancy and if it is not expected then one should not take a risk of it and in such case lady uses both types of contraceptive medications. One cannot make sure which one is actually working and to avoid that one can start taking a combination of conventional and continuous contraceptives.

Many women got so addicted to sex and contraceptive pills and every time they perform sex they used to take a contraceptive. Such kind of addictive nature may harm the natural fertilization capacity of a lady which prevents her from getting pregnant at any point of life when it is required. One should overuse any medication as it turns out to be an addiction and one has to face the very severe consequence about it.