Cure Acidity With Simple Solutions

Everyone faces this situation quite frequently and it is because of many causes. Due to excessive gastric acid deposition one start feeling burning sensations and uneasy stomachs which further leads to acidity. It is one of the health issues which is not that much serious which requires medical attention, but it irritates a lot as sometimes one cannot control acidity and further issues such as a headache, vomiting.

Our daily routine and eating habits decide the level of acidity or whether it is going to be happening or not. Most of the people who are not sleeping on time always face the issue of acidity, while some people who eat too much commonly face this issue.

Commonly Observed Reasons for Acidity

1)      Eating excessive food, eating high-fat food such as meat, eating without any routine.

2)      Excessive consumption of caffeine drinks such as tea, coffee and excessive consumption of alcohol also create acidity.

3)      Smoking also causes acidity and along with that, it causes an ulcer too.

4)      Continuous mental stress also one of the commonly observed reasons for acidity.

How to notice an acidity?

1)      Overfull stomach, burning sensation, feeling like nausea

2)      One may face various types of a headache it could be temporary for minutes while in extreme acidity cases it could be hours of a headache. Migraine patients may face the issue of a migraine after acidity.

3)      If anyone facing acidity issues to overeating of fatty food, then he may sense the feeling of the heavy chest, chest pain or vomiting.

4)      If you drink water in excess after dehydration, especially caused by alcoholic consumption.

Simple solutions of Acidity

1)      The first solution is prevented from anything that is consumed in excess it puts a load on the digestive system that leads to an improper function which leads to excess gastric acid production.

2)      The best solution is to accelerate the detoxification process which can be easily done every day with the help of warm water and half lemon juice.

3)      One should avoid excessive consumption of any food which high in the fat count and also it is better to quit alcoholic consumption.

4)      Many people have a habit to drink tea and coffee all the time and that is the main reason behind an acidity.

5)      To get an immediate rescue from acidity then extreme cold milk is the best option.