DNA Day 2016

DNA Day 2016

DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid which is nothing but the offspring which is passed from the parent organisms to its successor. DNA contains all the genetic material which helps to determine birth, growth, and development of an organism which includes every living being from amoeba to human being. On 25th March 1953 DNA was 4 scientists and their team released their report on the structure of DNA. From the year 2003 DNA was actually celebrated worldwide with the name world DNA day. Since that time DNA has become an integral part of various discoveries and inventions. Using DNA it has become very easy to determine the history of an individual and due to this, it helped forensic to get resolved in various cases.

On this DNA day, 2016 let’s gather some important information about it as we do not know much about this and how it can help to determine our history.

DNA tests are one of the important inventions for mankind as it helps man to resolve his mysteries of life. Using DNA one can get his genetic information and using such test, it helps an individual to know more about his paternal and maternal history. There is an organized structure development in the individual which is called a chromosome. Depending upon the chromosomes one can identify his parental genetics or maternal genetics.

Y Chromosome Analysis – This type of DNA structures is considered as the male structure and it can only pass further from father (male) and use this one can analyze his paternal relationship.

Along with this analysis, there other analysis of DNA tests can be done such as STR (Short Tandem Repeat), Mitochondrial DNA analysis.

In our regular life we don’t come across this thing but in cases of some criminal or legal activities having DNA information help people to process further.