Headache Migraine

Headache/Migraine Natural Solution

A headache is one of the not serious problems as it lasts for some time, but it disturbs you so much that you cannot concentrate on anything.

A migraine is the specific type of a headache which either starts paining on the specific timing and stops or it keeps on paining and itching you for days or months.

A migraine is considered to be a specific type of headache, but all headaches are not considered a migraine. A migraine generally occurs due to sensitivity to light, sound, chronic, the problem in the digestive system, acidity, it can be anything that can result in a migraine.

Until people do not experience such pains very frequently people start with some over the counter medications, but if this issue starts happening frequently people start finding some natural solution will not give any side effect or a reaction. So far today there is no such confirmed solution has been invented to treat a migraine, but there are some natural solutions and some Ayurvedic treatments that give relief for a longer time than prescribed medications. Another thing is Ayurvedic medications are 100% side effects free so one can take it without any worry, but some prescribed medications for a migraine create addiction and that results in no sensitivity to the medicine.

Potassium – This is one of the easily obtained contents of food and one can find many food items contain potassium such as banana which is an affordable and rich source of potassium. There are many vegetables and fruits which gives you a good amount of potassium. One should eat bananas every day to get relief from a migraine.

Sweet in Morning – a Migraine and various types of headaches have connections with sugar intake, it is not yet proved, but eating something which is rich in sugar gives you relief from a migraine for the rest of the day.

Vitamin B Group – Vitamins do many important things in our body which are required for the proper functioning of the brain, digestive system, for fresh mind everything. One study has proved people consuming all types of B Vitamins from 1 to 12 found less sensitive to migraine issues.

Magnesium – Study confirmed that people with a rich supply of Magnesium experience lesser attacks and duration than people having a deficiency of Magnesium.

Various headaches and migraine are also occurred due to stress and mental weakness thus it is ideal to keep mental health strong and live peaceful to enjoy life without a headache or a migraine.