International Mens Health Week

International Men’s Health Week

13th-June-2016 to 19th-June-2016 is celebrated as an international men’s health week in order to address various health issues faced by men. In every country, various programs and forums celebrate this day and try to focus on various health issues due to which man finds it difficult to deal with day to day life.

There are many health troubles that man needs to face and due to various priorities sometimes man ignores to treat them and that results in big consequences. Some health issues are nothing but the consequences of their habits and lifestyle. Let’s check out such serious health troubles which are in focus this decade.

1)  Obesity – This has been the most serious global issues faced by men due to their poor eating habits. Various surveys report that obesity is nothing but cancer as this health issue leads to many other health issues and all of them are very serious ones. On this men’s health week we appeal to all men in the world to concentrate on fitness and health in order to spend life with good health.

2)  Diabetes – This is again another risky health issues and many men are being a victim of it. Obesity could be the pre-warning condition of diabetes because the sugar-based food is the major role player to make man obese and that leads to diabetes.

3)  Sexual Health Issues – For a man sexual health is really important, but while working with life’s priority men somehow ignores his sexual health. Around the world, there are many men facing various sexual health issues and a number of patients, especially young men are growing every day. There are some sexual health issues are majorly observed such as low sperm count, STDs, Impotence, premature ejaculation and other ones such as prostate gland issues.

4)  Mental Health – the Entire world is experiencing the downfall of the mental health of men as compared to the last few generations. Continues workload, no personal life, the stress of competition and undisciplined routine are the main factors that make a man face various mental health issues such as stress, depression, anxiety and many more.

Along with these primary observed ones, there are some other few health issues also commonly faced by men such as baldness, cancer, breathing problems, migraine, back pain which required to be treated as early as possible.

On the occasion of International Men’s Health Week, 2016 lets spread some word about the well-being of men and let me live free and healthy.