No Diet Day

International No Diet Day 2016

This could be the most appreciated day for all the people on the diet to lose their weight and body fat. This day is celebrated as the celebration or the acceptance of your body, physique and also on this day many programs and events are carried to share risks of over the dieting and the importance of fitness. Though many people, especially people have reached the level of obesity know about the diet and still, they try to excuse from all kinds of exercise and never wanted to put efforts to get back in shape.

Though the name of the suggests that you should accept your body as it is and work on it by considering all the risk factors of diet and the ultimate message could be “be fit but be safe too”. Let’s share some important suggestion that one should keep in mind while dieting.

1)      Dieting is to be done to make you fit and whatever you do along with your diet should make your body stronger because people who used to follow intense diet always tend to feel weak instead of feeling stronger.

2)      Performing cardio everybody could help us to lose body fats faster, it is a misconception among all the people trying to lose weight faster. Cardio is one of the most important exercises, but still, it is required to be done in proportion otherwise one may lose muscle more than the fat.

3)      Perform cardio once or twice a week in order to improve endurance and cardiovascular strength.

4)      Most of the people experience negative results after dieting for a long time and also working out regularly. One should understand the body mechanism in order to gain positive results.

5)      One should not keep one type of diet inactivity for more than 8 weeks and one should change something in his diet or should take a couple of cheats means in between the diet.

6)      People starve like hell when they are on diet, but they start eating like a pig as soon as they stop dieting and this results into the confusion stage where the body does not recognize what’s happening and one experience weight gain.

Diet should be done for our health and one should eat home cooked food and one could be assured to stay fit. Whatever junk food we eat creates a mess and one should focus on eating vegetables, pure food.