Diabetes Type Two

It’s Time to Treat Diabetes Type-2

Lifestyle in the 21st century is considered the fastest lifestyle have ever experienced on the planet. Life has no time to stop and concentrate on our health. The entire life is depending upon the low nutrition, junk food and wrong eating habits that totally destroys our health and we start facing many health issues. Once they started appearing in our life we need to work on them by looking at health and not allow them to enter into life again. Diabetes Type-2 is one of the commonly observed diseases in the people living a sedentary lifestyle.

Metformin is the medicine that is one of the most appreciated treatments for Type-2 diabetes and it is suggested to the diabetic patient to consult about the treatment and start taking Metformin. Along with this medicine, one should start working on below DIY tips which help them to regain their strength faster.

1) Stop Junk – Most of the junk food is tasty and that taste fascinates every one of us, but it is up to you, that’s how much you eat. Though junk food is tasty, it is considered the highest sugar, fat and no nutritious food available today. If you want to maintain your sugar level to normal and cure diabetes this, first you should do that do not entertain junk food anymore in your life.

2) Fitness – Diabetes is an outcome of a low fitness level. One should stop getting lazy and immediately work on fitness level. Your body fitness plays an important role in your diabetic health. Regular exercise at the gym, cardio, running, jogging, aerobics, and many more options are there that can help you maintain your fitness level.

3) Food – When you stop junk you need to replace it and your food is what you will become in the future. You should start by including some natural food sources such as fruits, vegetables, grains which helps you with many more nutritious elements that you need to perform body activities.

4) Protein Intake –Compared to carbohydrates and fats, proteins take more time to digest which reduces the production of insulin and thus it helps you to maintain your diabetic condition. You can various beans, chicken (breast), various fish items to feed you with more proteins. You can step by step alter your diet so that your body will be adjusted to it.