Masturbation and Body (Muscle building)

There are many misconceptions and some false information always come out when the question is about masturbation. Masturbation is nothing but the ejaculating sperms without having actual sex with your partner and it is done by our self. Masturbation is generally performed when one cannot have sex with the partner due to any unavoidable condition. Sometimes one cannot crave of having sex and at that point in time, one uses this alternative to get things done.

Most of people think that people who masturbate always have a weak body and this are such state that has so much evidence to prove. One has to understand the mechanism of masturbation and then one should conclude something which is worth.

The connection between Masturbation and Body

Of course, what is done during masturbation is an action done by the body parts, but connection means what happens when one masturbates. There is one common thing in sperm and muscles which is called testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone which is essential for both sperm production and muscle building.

When one performs masturbation it takes around 24-48 to reproduce the sperm and within that period process of muscle building is delayed or kept aside with the less priority. Sperm production is the part of reproduction and thus, it is always done with the highest priority by the body. But ejaculation is something natural so the body can make adjustment naturally and uses testosterone for both the function i.e. for masturbation and muscle building.

Now we need to compare the frequency of masturbation and effects on muscle building.

Effect of Masturbation or sex once or twice a week

When anyone masturbates once or twice a week body gets plenty of time to prioritize the process of sperm creation and muscle building. So if anyone is masturbating with this frequency it could not be a problem with your muscle building goal.

Effect of Masturbation every day or ever another day

Some people are habitual of everyday masturbation and in such case, the problem happens. The body does not get enough time to prioritize the work of testosterone and thus the process of muscle building is always been delayed. So anyone masturbating every day or every other day, then it could be problematic for him. With such frequency, one could not be able to build good muscles and that will make him weak from inside.

Masturbation has never been wrong, how much time it is done makes it right or wrong.