Multiple Personality Disorder – Analysis

Everyone on the planet has its own mental health condition and according to his mental condition he behaves and lives in the society. There are many good impacts are there in mind and also good comes bad, in the same way, the man also faces some bad impact. Due to the incidence in the life, especially during childhood, such as bullying by other friends, accident, issues between parents, watching horror movies in such cases one makes some comfortable consideration in which he feels comfortable.

Multiple personality disorder falls in such issues because it happens due to some psychological fear or some burden. It is also called a split personality disorder which divides a patient’s mind into various different individuals. In such disorder, one can create a separate space in mind and he behaves differently individually. Sometime patient suffering from multiple personality disorder may split his personality many personalities.

Why people face multiple personality disorder?

Like mentioned above that people start developing this disorder during childhood when a kid wants to keep himself safe in the fearful situation and that time his mind splits himself into 2 individual. At that point in time, it is nothing but the trick to keeping him safe or get rid of a stressful life. As time passes this trick takes a serious turn and when that kid is grown to an adult it starts showing its negative sides. One can easily deal with the kid if he is under multiple personality disorder, but the world cannot accept an adult having this issue.

There is another perspective behind patients mentality and makes him forced to split himself into two or many other personalities. In some cases, one cannot face the problem or fear and frequent appearance of that problem makes that person think about himself. The patient thinks that he has totally failed deal with and at that point of time his mind starts designing a new personality which is capable to face that problem or fearsome situation.

Multiple Personality Day 2016

5th March is celebrated as a multiple personality disorder day and there some efforts are made by some health organizations and intentions is to provide some knowledge so that the patient suffering from this problem will get some help.

To get a total cure from this problem patient has to convince himself that he alone can face the issues and there is no need of another entity to solve the problem. Its nothing but the mental illness and one has to face this fact and move ahead.