Pilates – A Complete Body Exercise

Pilates is one of the most popular exercises that help to tone your body, it helps you control your breathing and it also helps to give strength to your mind. Initially, it was invented by Joseph Pilates for himself with an intention to bring strong control over breathing and mind. He used this technique for himself as a part of the exercise and later on he helped militants from World War so that they can perform an activity with the least number of equipment. Most of the militants complained about the severe back pain due to continuous war and this exercise helps them to get rid of back pain. Many medical agencies predicted at that time that this exercise will help millions because of upcoming time back pain (a backache) will be the commonly observed trouble and this statement seems to be proven right from all aspects.

Flexibility – Our spine is the main factor behind our flexibility and our ability to our body movements, but due to imbalance this flexibility is reduced and one experience pain. Pilates workout helps man to regain this balance which is nothing but getting flexibility back in our life.

Body Strength – Improving flexibility of spine brings ample strength and this is the main focus of Pilates exercise. When muscles get flexible they work even better and this function results in improving body strength.

Back Pain – Performance of our back totally depends on the health of the spine and muscles present at the center. Due to less activity and excessive weight our body puts much more stress on the spinal cord and its muscles which leads to back pain over the period of time. When spinal strength is increased it automatically tackles the stress on the back and thus performer find less or no back pain.

The main focus of this exercise is on the body and mind where minds control body movement, thus it gives faster results as compared to other popular health exercises. There is one more thing that made this exercise popular. Most of the exercise requires equipment, or going out of the house and Pilates exercise can be easily performed by taking just a mattress at the home and you are done.

One can try other exercises to in addition to Pilates such as yoga, cardiovascular exercise, jogging they also have their own set of benefits. Any exercise which helps to improve the health of mind and improves breathing strength always been the most beneficial to our body.