Protein Friendly Food

Protein Friendly Food For Muscular Body

There are 2 types of people we can see struggling in the gym, the first category is the ones looking to remove fats from the body (burn fat) and the ones who always seem to be around heavy weight dumbbells, high tech machines and working out to add inches of muscles on the body. According to survey people who used to work out on their own tend to work out in the wrong way and that happens with a meal or food intake. For a person looking to gain muscles must have to be focused on eating food that is rich in protein. It’s not the gym or your workout that adds more muscles on the body it’s time that you spend outside of the gym for the rest of the day decides how your body is going to become.

Most of the people work out for 2 hours in the gym and for the rest of the day they keep on eating anything that they like to eat. Compared to 24 hrs we spend just 10% of the time in the gym while we spend the rest 90% of the time outside of the gym. It is very important to eat the right food in order to build muscles faster. One should start eating high protein food rather than eating extra Carbs and fat. To change diet one must understand the food content first and then it will be an easy deal to go with the right food.

1)      Egg Whites – Who don’t like this? Every one likes egg, but one should understand eating completely all the time will hurt muscle gain performance. One should start eating only egg white portion which contains protein and avoids eating the whole egg all the time as the yolk contains rest macros such as fats, cholesterol. One can easily get around 3.5 grams of protein just with a single egg and one could afford this food.

2)   Chicken Breast – Most of the people are confused with the contents of the chicken, let’s clear it out the confusion. If you want to take protein out of chicken, then you just need to eat the portion around a chicken breast as it contains maximum amount protein. One can eat chicken breast by making some tasty gravy and added vegetables.

3)    Peanut Butter – If you are looking to increase protein while eating Carbs then this could be the best option for you. One can start eating peanut butter by applying it on brown bread instead of regular butter. This minimizes your fat intake and adds more protein to your body.