Reason Why Smoking is linked to ED

Smoking – This does not require an introduction as it is the biggest addiction as per the people are compared with their different types of addictions. Smoking is nothing but the harmful habit that people understand, but do not able to quit it. From young people to older men are addicted to smoking. Smoking has no benefits and gives you too many hazardous side effects. Smoking is already linked with various other health issues as it damages various body portions such as lungs, heart, cardiovascular system. Due to this, it contributes to various health diseases and ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is one of them.

Erectile Dysfunction – ED is a disorder that occurs in men, which makes it difficult to gain a strong erection at the time of sexual diseases. It happens when blood cannot be properly transported to the penile area. Due to damaged blood vessels which are popularly known as arteries man experience trouble with their erection ability. Though sometimes it is temporary, occurring but if the circumstances are more critical than one experience this for a long time and it is called as erectile dysfunction.

How These Both Issues are Connected?

If you look closely at the facts surrounded by ED one can easily conclude that excessive smoking could easily hurt the potency of a man. Smoking slowly acts as a poison and that start affecting various organs that include the heart and lungs, which both are required for cardiovascular activity. The cardiovascular system is required to be in a healthy condition for the transportation of blood in the body. Thus the damaged cardiovascular system affects erection quality and if such damages are kept on happening for a long time then it might be diagnosed as ED. Thus, if you are smoking regularly with an excessive quantity then it is the time to save yourself from this frustrating disorder. Ultimately the conclusion is that smoking affects your sexual performance causing erectile dysfunction.

How To Treat ED?

First of all, it is very important that you consult with the doctor in order to get a proper diagnosis and confirmation of disorder. ED can be easily treated, but it is an important thing to treat in early condition before it’s too late.

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