Six Factors ED

Six Factors That Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the sexual diseases that cannot be shared with anyone nor tolerated for a long time. Just because it is connected with sexuality and man’s ego one find it difficult to treat and also lack of awareness about this problem makes it more difficult to deal. For any situation or problem, one should understand its root in order to tackle it properly. Here are the 6 important reasons behind the occurrence of Erectile Dysfunction.


Depression is one of the mental issues that we suffer when things around us do not happen according to our wish. Depression has no such definition because for every individual their level of tolerance and after that one experience stage of depression. Depression is responsible for many health issues that we face in our lives and for a man reducing sexual health is one strong reason. Sexual health issue like Erectile Dysfunction can be caused easily if you are suffering from depression for a long time. You need to overcome from Depression and ED or they can completely end your love life.

High blood pressure

No matter your blood pressure is always high or fluctuating according to your health level, but it always puts a strong impact on your health. Erection is nothing but the deposition of blood inside the male sexual organ and one can experience health issues like erectile dysfunction due to high blood pressure.


For fitness freak, it might be the best option to burn body fat and improve cardiovascular health, but if your posture is wrong then it might not be a good thing. Choosing a wrong posture while cycling may cause a long time injury to your sexual organ and area around. It may make you suffer from Erectile dysfunction, be careful.


Diabetes is the disease is a warning sign of our weak physical health and cardiovascular health and if your body is having both of them then the chances of occurrence of Erectile dysfunction goes high.

Excessive alcohol

Consumption of alcohol in an excessive amount not only hurt your erection abilities but also distract you from sexual attraction. Many men have a high amount of alcohol regularly experience erection issues and low sexual interest as well.

Drugs for hair loss

Our medications,s especially an antibiotic may solve your health condition for which it is prescribed, but if it is strong they may open the risk of other health issues. Some hair loss medications caused erectile dysfunction to many men and it is better to take good precaution about it.