Smoking Affect The Sexual Performance

Smoking has already been linked to various health issues and disorders. Of course, smoking is one of the most dangerous things that man has to do with. Despite having total idea billions of the people in the world are addicted to smoking. There are various reasons behind the affection toward smoking, it is legally sold in every country and anyone can afford this. Many people smoke as a style symbol, but they have no idea that it is killing your sexual health.

People smoking cigarettes or cigars throughout the day are likely to lose their sexual ability very soon. There is various evidence are there that explain why smoking causes sexual disability.

There are two major factors that lead to sexual dysfunction when man continuously keep on smoking.

1) Mental Health Issues – It is observed that men suffering from mental issues like depression or frustration due to some issues are likely to smoke continuously. It is quite known that one having mental issues already distracted from sexual activities and smoking again adds some more that keeps him away from such activities. Due to this one is not able to pursue the level of sexual stimulation, which is highly essential for erection.

2) Physical Health Issues – For erection man requires to have strong arteries that will send a good quantity of blood whenever he seeks for sexual activity. But when one smokes chemicals inside the smoke damages the lining of the arteries. Thus, one cannot experience strong erection as damaged to arteries due to chemical reactions leads to making them hard and stiff. Stiff and narrow arteries cannot transport blood properly.

Now treating erectile dysfunction i.e. an issue with erection can be done in two ways.

1) Quit Smoking – As if you are getting trouble with erection due to smoking then it is logical to quit smoking. By quitting smoking one totally save his life which is affected due to harmful chemicals.

2) Medication – To treat issues with an erection one can surely give a try for generic viagra which is a very popular medication to treat erection. This medicine helps you gain a stronger erection at the time of sexual activity.