Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury and Its Effect on the Body

Most of the people might have a heart of spinal cord when they complain about various pains in the body and doctor reply with the one issue which is commonly called spinal cord injury. The spinal cord can be called a connective wire system of the body to the brain. It is the cylindrically shaped nerve fibers which collectively situated in the spine, thus it is called the spinal cord. There are many pains that we suffer from are because of the damage to the spinal cord or any nerve that is connecting this spinal cord network. As it can be called as a signal passing network system that carries instructions from the brain, thus any injury to the spinal cord may start affecting the respective part of the body due to a specific injury to the nerve. There are many body problems associated with the spinal cord.

Bowel Problems

If any nerve associated with the bowel is getting injured it may affect all the bowel movements automatically and one could not even have an idea about it. Most of the bowel problems seem like due to eating habits and very popular issues are constipating diarrhea. One should start consulting a diet plan that could cover up the injury faster.


Joints are called a junction which connects various ones together, which surrounded by nerves and joints are always on the higher risk of injury. One may experience various joint issues after spinal cord injury and that could lead to any serious stage if ignored.

Muscle Block

When there is a spinal cord injury happens and it logically blocks the signals passing to respective organs and if it blocks the signals passing to muscles, it may totally block the process and thus one may find himself in trouble. One should try to treat the issue earlier in order to cure the problem.

Sexual Sensation

One may experience sexual sensitivity loss problem due to the spinal cord injury and thus one should not tolerate any sexual issue symptom for a long time and it is essential to treat it earliest.

One may face many serious troubles due to spinal cord injury and to avoid such bad consequences one must try to take care of such issues because it may be related to spinal cord injury and sometimes we are not able to recognize the signals from the body or specific symptoms.