Sugar Sexual Drive

Sugar – It Drives Slow On Your Sexual Drive

There is one thing that can help you improve your sexual drive is to have regular sex but there are thousands of ways that can pull down your trigger and make a blackout in your sexual life. Sugar one of those important content in our regular food composition across the world.  Though we see millions of people are now criticizing this sweet substance to the core. If we remember one thing that anything in excess is bad & harmful. Similarly, excessive sugar composition could lead to various health issues and today we are going to discuss how it affects our sexual drive in various ways.

Excessive Sugar & Fat – When we eat our body gets energy and if our body gets more energy than it’s requirement it stores that energy for future use in the form of fat. But if excessive deposition of fat goes more than required then it reduces the ability of erection and it also reduces our sexual drive.

Testosterone – For a male body there is nothing much more important than testosterone, the hormone responsible for various sexual function. Insulin secretion level crosses its limit when sugar consumption is increased and that results in lowering testosterone level.

Leptin Resistance – Leptin is that kind of hormone that monitors our eating as well as our sexual behavior. Consuming more sugar & processed food items reduces its effectiveness. Due to Leptin ineffectiveness body experience imbalance in the level of testosterone.

Sugar Reduces Physical Strength – People who consume excess sugar always feel fatigued, tired which impacts their sexual drive also. One who is physically active always seems to be attracted to sexual activities. One who loses his physical strength also has to bear with sexual weakness. Such a person always at higher risk of suffering from impotence.

How to Control Sugar?

Controlling sugar intake is like controlling alcohol or smoking addiction. Thus, one has to go step by step to control the intake.

1)    Choosing an alternative is the best solution for this kind of situation. Natural sweeteners like stevia are the best solution to kill sugar intake.
2)    Adding more protein is one of the smartest ways to control sugar intake.

Having sufficient protein in the body controls hunger and that prevents you from consuming more sugar.

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