World Toothache Day 2016

Tooth Care Tips for World Toothache Day 2016

Every day is celebrated in order to spread more knowledge and awareness about that respective program or a thing or a personality. Some days are celebrated internationally while some are celebrated within the country. Some efforts are done with the intention of gathering many people together to celebrate the day.

9th Feb is celebrated as the World Toothache Day and this day information, tips and various treatments which are invented in last year and also required treatments for various issues have been shared with people. Let’s share some information about Tooth Care on the occasion of World Toothache Day 2016.

Most of us do not give the required attention which is very important to keep your oral health strong. Our face is the most important factor when we interact with anyone if you are having yellow teeth, bad breath, damaged teeth or gum then it makes a negative impression in front of the person. Our eating habits and brushing makes a big difference to keep good health of your inside calcium structure.

Many people considered in the adult age do not even know what is the proper method of brushing and they just spend 2 mins in the morning and leave. This lead to deposition of plaque and bacteria around your teeth, which starts decaying and damaging calcium composition. Here are some tips that will help you to protect your oral health for a long time.

1)      Brush Teeth Twice a day – It is very important to brush your teeth twice a day because whatever we eat during the day some particles left in our mouth which gets decomposed and then they found bacteria and plaque. By brushing twice in a day it makes your oral health care very stronger.

2)      Contact Doctor in case of Cavity – Cavity is another issue that starts as a result of improper brushing. A cavity starts damaging or teeth or gum and then it leads to a total loss of that tooth. To avoid this it is required to fill up the cavity and if the damage is deep then one should opt for a treatment like a root canal to save the teeth from permanent loss.

3)      Use the Right Technique of Brushing – Many people just waste their efforts while brushing and entire harmful content remains stuck to your teeth. One should get an idea about proper brushing technique from the doctor and also use various other cleaning techniques such as flossing and use liquid mouthwash after every meal.

Let’s keep your oral health clean and a resolution begins from this World Toothache Day