Causes of Impotence

Various Causes of Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)

Erectile dysfunction, which is popularly known as Impotence, is one of the most fearsome health issues occurs in men. It is a sexual problem that not only prevents a man from having a strong erection, but it also attacks his mind because of which he suffers from mental issues such as depression. The persistence of this issue for a long time in a man’s life disturbs his sexual desires and affects the relationship badly.

Impotence is commonly observed in men above the age group of 50 years because of aging factor starts and step by step his body experience weakening. Though it happens after some age limit is crossed, but still one has to try to solve it so that he can enjoy sexual life without any issues. One can start using medications such as Silagra which helps man to achieve a stronger erection for a long time up to 6 hours.

Along with old men now the percentage of young men getting affected by Impotence is increasing and this is the thing to worry. Most men are struggling to make their life better, but in this phase, they face various issues and stress which reduces their sexual interest. There are many causes that affect men at a young age.

1) Stress – This is commonly found in young men especially who are running behind their career. Such people are always working under pressure and that leads to mental weakness. Such men always feel anxious, stressed, depressed, which tends to affect their sexual health very badly.

2) Lifestyle – Men always have some addictions attached to them such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, eating junk food. Such addiction is always at their highest level, which leads to various health issues and Impotence is one of them.

3) Other Health Issues – Impotence can be caused due to other health issues. Diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, depression affects our body so badly and they result in various other health issues. High pressure on blood vessels disturbs blood supply and thus man faces various issues such as Impotence.

4) Medications – There are some medications that hurt various organs and medication that treats issues like blood pressure, diabetes has a high impact on the blood supply to various organs and that leads to sexual health issues.

Impotence can be noticed easily and also it is easy to treat. One should worry about it and get depressed instead of that he must concentrate on finding the right solution.