Weight Gain

Weight Gain – A Warning Symptom for Heart Problems

Our body is a machine and it just has one mechanism different than actual machine and that is “it does not spill over fuel once that is overloaded, but it keeps in the stack which somebody becomes risky to handle”. This situation is called excessive weight or obesity, which has a complete platter of unhealthy things revolving around you and also many health issues awaiting to meet you.

Why people gain so much weight?

There is a technical reason behind such excessive weight gain issue, but the main reason is people eat in an uncontrolled manner and it is required to burn the food what you eat or to eat that much food only which you can burn. Generally, this issue starts especially when we start working where our job is to run the brain and get the things done. People become a couch potato and that laziness, they carry all time this leads to no activity in the body.

In that case, whatever we eat is stored inside the body in the form of fats and people always make an excuse for exercise or any sort of work out. Weight gain is not happening in a week or 15 days it takes some time and we do not come to know that our body is growing from all sides as it is a slow process but when it starts showing some symptoms such as heart issues, pain in joint and bones, difficulty in walking.

Heart Attacks and Strokes – The Major Risk of Weight Gain

If you ask any dietician or a doctor which is the most dangerous consequence of obesity, then you will get the same reply which is “Heart Issues”. There are millions of patients are already struggling with heart issues such as heart attacks and strokes arose due to excessive weight issues. Of course, there are popular medications like Plavix, which helps you to deal with heart issues.

But what if we do not let the chance of such medicine to control our lives because if one decides to put strong efforts then things will be easier in control. Regular exercise and changing eating habits can easily help you control your weight, but all that you need is a dedication and passion to achieve your original fitness back in life. It’s our choice to take medicine or enjoy a free life.