What is Link between Depression and ED?

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) – There are many sexual health issues that man suffers from. Erectile Dysfunction is one of those sexual health diseases that give various further complications. Generally, other sexual health issues do not affect sexual life, but when a man is affected by ED it badly impacts sexual life.

Erectile Dysfunction makes it difficult for a man to achieve a strong erection which is essential to achieve successful sexual activity. Intercourse is one of the important things in man’s life and it is also an important thing to happen in order to continue with a healthy relationship with the partner. Due to this health issue, sexual relationship is also experiencing problems and sometimes it reaches another level.

Depression – There are many mental health issues everyone suffers from and depression is one of them, which makes man to face various difficulties. Due to depression, man cannot concentrate on his work not he can take part with an open mind in any activity.

Depression is the highest level of mental illness and which is something cannot be tolerated by man for a long time. In regular life, it considered that a man suffering from depression is surrounded by a negative aura and that results in various failures.

Link Between Depression and ED

Depression is considered as one of the strongest reason for ED, especially among young men. Depression indicates withdrawals from various good things in life and sexual life too. Due to such mental stage, man loses interest in personal life and that impacts his sexual health.

As time passes it affects the blood supply toward male organ and also on the ability of sexual stimulation, which is carried out by our mind or brains. Thus depression is always considered to be the biggest factor that results in ED.

Depression is one of the major causes of Erectile Dysfunction.


Depression can be easily treated if you decide to and within a few days by strong conviction you can change your life. It is a mental stage and needs for acceptance that could help you to deal with depression.

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