Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day 2016

Autism is the health condition that affects patient mentally which occurs due to some fearful experience or beliefs from the age of childhood due to such belief, it becomes difficult for patients to deal in society as he cannot communicate or connect with the society properly.

2nd of April is celebrated as the World Autism Awareness Day which is adopted by members of the United Nations. On this day some efforts are done in order to increase awareness about this health issue, especially among children and in the rest of the society. There are many victims of Autism are there in the world, but due to fear or some internal beliefs they find it difficult to live freely and 2nd April is celebrated for such people so that it will help them to overcome the problem.

We are surrounded by such kinds of fear since our childhood and even though we come to know as they are fake or not real still we cannot make that fear gone out of us. Generally, everyone has some kind of fear which is generally called a phobia which is a specific thing or a fear of some specific activity and thus it does not bother man a much like Autism fear.

The problem of Autism can be easily tackled if the diagnosis is done in the early stages before complete development about that fear factor. In most of the cases, the child is ignored and most of the kids do not directly share such things, but it’s a parent’s job to find out the cause which is bothering to their kid. Most of the doctors also do not able to recognize the cause of Autism and that becomes a serious problem during the adult age of the kid.

Early detection not only helps children to prevent their future from being screwed but also it helps to live free at their growing age. Most of the unrecognized children face this dilemma and instead of sharing this problem they keep living with it until they get mature.

This is the era of competition where the whole world runs all the time and one has to make sure that his kid must be a top racer in the competition. Autism should not become a hurdle for the children and they step back from their life and competitions.

Nothing can stop from living free, it’s up to you how you live it!!! Happy Autism Awareness Day 2016…