Safety and Health Day

World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2016

28th April 2016 i.e. Today is celebrated as “World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2016” and this day has many things to share with us. Every one of us goes to work and there are many things we can say almost everything happens at the workplace because most of the time of the day we spend in our workplace. This day is celebrated for safety and health at work as many people face big time during their work time. As every life is precious and to save such lives, we must make some intended efforts in order to maintain safety and health at work.

Importance of Safety-

When it comes to safety measures we should consider all the Labors or employees who used to work on the site where chances of accidents and injuries as much more than other corporate offices. We can consider companies should maintain their employee safety with 100% attention so that no one will be harmed during work.

There are many things that needed to be taken care of –

1)      Wearing Helmet – Helmet is almost compulsory for everyone entering into the plant or work site, but most of the people try to ignore this. Using a helmet always helps you from direct injuries to the head.

2)      Protection outfits – In some chemical plants, there is a big chance that our body, especially skin could get reactions due to the product which is being manufactured in such plants one should keep wearing all kinds of protection outfits such as shoes, gloves, nose mask, earplugs.

Importance of Health –

One must understand the importance of health in our life because people used to work like a machine as they won’t achieve their goal. Yes, one has to be ambitious it is always motivating, but one should compromise health every time to seek their goals. It is your health that makes you worthy of achieving some goals and for that purpose one should take care of their health at work.

We should take care of health at work

1)      Physical Health – It involves our eating habits, what we drink and what is our routine. Our physical health always decides our appearance, so be fresh and be healthy.

2)      Mental Health – Employees, especially from the corporate world or an IT firm, always seems to work under mental pressure which makes them like a robot, not a human being.