World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day 10th March 2016

There are many patients and kids are getting affected due to kidney issues and some leads to a very critical stage if the treatment is not proper. Most of the people ignore health and keep torturing health system all the time and when things go out of control it shows some symptoms. If the patient does not notice, then it directly disables that organ and in most of the kidney patient cases, one may have to lose either one or both the kidneys. The kidney is one of the most important body organs and it is very important that the functioning of the kidney should be proper.

10th March is celebrated as World Kidney Day and every year there is a theme is decided in order to spread awareness about kidney care and how to prevent its issues. This year Kidney Diseases among children and how to prevent it earliest is the theme and it is the time to take care of our kids and protect them from this issue.

Connecting with the theme lets check out some preventive and caring measures so that one can find it easy to treat the issue and if anyone is good enough with his kidney, then it will help him to protect his kid from future kidney problems.

The first preventive measure is to notice the symptoms because kidney issues are known as silent issues as they do not show noticeable symptoms.

1)      Having a problem with urine pass – burning or pain

2)      Uncertain urine where one finds it urination, feeling very frequently

3)      Bleeding from Urine

4)      Pinpoint pain around the areas of kidney

When you face kidney it is very difficult to find its original performance again, so here are some changes that you and your kid should make in your lifestyle.

1)      Concentrate on eating fresh vegetables and fruits which are very beneficial for our body.

2)      Do consume any food that later creates harmful toxins in the body.

3)      Most of the kids always like to have aerated drinks and they may worsen your kidney instead keep the focus on drinking regular water.

4)      Excessive alcohol and smoking cause big damage to your kidney. (This is for adults)

5)      Many kids are fond of technology and they always tend to play on their PlayStation or mobile one should ask them to go to play on the playground which is required for their kidney and overall health.

Let’s pray for all the kidney patient and hope they recover soon on this kidney day 2016!!!