World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day 31 May 2016

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated in order to prevent people suffering from dangerous effects of tobacco and its products. There are millions of people become a victim of tobacco addiction and engaged themselves in various kinds of addiction. Smoking is one of the highly consumed tobacco addiction, which not only affects smokers’ health but badly affects passive smokers. Passive smoking happens when you breath cigarette smoke, smoked by somebody else. The effect of direct smoking and passive smoking goes the same and both of them have a high risk of various health issues such as lung cancer, asthma, acidity, ulcer.

Something about this day

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated by the WHO (World Health Organization) in order to spread more information about the dangers of this product. This is one of the 8 health days, which are officially celebrated by WHO. Among all such days World, No Tobacco Day is celebrated for more than 20 years with the same enthusiasm and with the same passion. This year various organizations are demanding to put a ban on the sale of the Tobacco on this day. Like all other days every year there is one motivation or a theme is selected and efforts are made in order to share the theme across the globe.

Let’s share some disasters of Tobacco

When one starts to consume tobacco in its various forms like cigarettes or oral consumption, it gives a false feeling of happiness which is nothing but the trap. Due to such feeling, one tends to consume it frequently and that results in addiction.

There are many troubles that are offered by tobacco addiction.

1)      Cancer – This is the most dangerous health issue offered by the tobacco and in most of the cases cause lung or mouth cancer which is very difficult to recover. So far there is no guaranteed treatment give for lung cancer. Due to passive smoking also one may get affected by this health issue.

2)      Hyper Acidity or Ulcer – When one keeps on smoking or consuming tobacco it triggers acid production, which results in the acidity and ulcers.

3)      Sexual Health Troubles – One would know this, that tobacco doesn’t only hurt your physique, but gives big damage to your sexual health. Excessive consumption of tobacco results in low sperm count, Impotence, infertility.

4)      There is much other minor health trouble that one may have to face due to tobacco addiction which includes a migraine, headache, indigestion, mental issues.