World Tuberculosis Day

World Tuberculosis Day 2016 – Let’s Spread The Message

Tuberculosis, commonly known as TB which is the disease that considered as one of the most dangerous diseases in the 19th century where many people become a victim of this disease and suffered death. Until the right medication was not confirmed due to no confirmation of the causes of disease almost 1 out of 5 people in the world suffered from Tuberculosis. This disease is known as a chronic Mycobacterial disease that affects our lungs and lungs is one of the main important organs of our body.

WHO (World Health Organization) celebrates or organize The World Tuberculosis Day on every 24th of March in the memory that cause of TB is found out and confirmed. It is a bacteria known as TB bacillus and because of the name of this bacteria, this disease is known as TuberCulosis. On this day every country and health organization try to spread the message in order to protect the world from the dreadful disease. Let’s get some knowledge about TB on this World Tuberculosis Day 2016.

How to recognize TB? (Symptoms)

One can easily notice the symptoms of this disease and it is required to take a necessary step in order to cure this disease during the primary stage. Some commonly observed symptoms are a continuous cough and if a cough is consistent for 3-4 weeks then it must require serious attention. Due to various infections, we need to suffer from a cough, but that doesn’t last for a long time. Sometimes affected patient may experience some droplets of blood in a cough. Along with that, there are some other symptoms like chest pain, difficulty in breathing, anxiety or fatigue level increase, constant fever. One should not tolerate a fever for more than 3 days as it may be some serious infection.

Treating Tuberculosis

As lots of research has been done on finding out the optimum solution for TB now it can be treated, but it takes time to complete the treatment.

TB is commonly treated with the medication or vaccine known as Bacille Calmette-Gurin (BCG) and most of the countries it is used to treat TB among children. Countries like the United States does not acclaim this vaccine as the ultimate solution. There is antibiotic treatment available for TB and that is required to be taken by the patient for a long time and depending on the severity of the disease it is extended up to 12 months.