Mental Health

Your Mental Health Decides Your Sexual Health

Everybody must have heard this that our mind makes you or breaks you down. This is not just the motivation quote, but the fact we have to understand. This simple line says it all because you cannot be a loser unless you accept it otherwise your mind will force to you be in the game or situation until you defeat it.

While living in this material world we live with many problems and opportunities. Sexual problems or sexual health is one of the most discussed topics since last few years. Most of the men live in stressful situations, continuous pressure and try to survive in their profession. But they are not able to tolerate anything related to their sexual health. If anything happens to their sexual health they accept it mentally so easily that it becomes a truth easily.

One of the sexual health issues that man suffers is erectile dysfunction, there many proven, pieces of evidence are there that this disease is majorly caused due to psychological factors and mental weakness of man. If a man finds problems with the erection he loses suddenly loses his confidence and that thing indicates he has already accepted his defeat.

Effect On Relationship

Firstly mental health only affects sexual health but as sexual health gets disturbed one may face issues like erectile dysfunction. Due to this one has to face disturbing relationship. One loses understanding with his partner and many further issues take place which is only because of our thinking.

Poor Mental Health Means Poor Erection

Men suffering from poor mental health condition always seems to be worried and try to run away from sexual activities. But that is not their fault it is natural that when a man is stressed or suffering from any mental health brain is not able to release some hormones which are required for sexual stimulation. Sexual stimulation is something called as a signal that man is thinking good about sexual health.

With poor mental health condition, one may not able to think something exciting about sex so that he can get that passion and ultimately it will result in a strong erection. Thus, it is highly required to have good mental health in order to keep sexual health at a good level. One can start meditation, yoga practice which will help them to get good mental health and ultimately improved sexual health.